Jewelry for a Railing (2018)
Site-specific installation at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Soft maple.

Jewelry for Furniture (2018)
Adornments in pine for a surface, an edge, and a corner

In Between (2018)
Coopered white ash, braided textile
A collaboration with fiber artist Prashani Chandrasena

Playing with dualities of hard/soft, supporting/supported, frame/upholstery.

Queen Bed (2016)
Quartersawn white oak, brass
Built on commission

Inhabiting Geometry (2015)
European beech and wool
Upholstery: Alex Miller
Photos: David Welter

Philae (2014)
Pacific madrone, leather
Handmade brass hinges
Photos: David Welter

Speaker Stands (2016)
Live edge monkeypod, eastern black walnut
Designed by the client
Built on commission

Assorted Small Spoons (2014)
Studies in spalted alder, plum, spalted tan oak, black locust, red alder, apple
Each 3"–4"

Long Play (2012)
Record cabinet
Philippine mahogany, maple ply
Photos: Joe Schopplein

Bookshelf Bed (2010)
Philippine mahogany

Skateboard (2010)
Western maple, Venture Trucks
Photo: Joe Schopplein